Throughout my artistic career, I have been working on photographic and video images that transform in my viewer’s imagination.  My images represent moments where ordinary life becomes lucid, when the fabric of the mundane is thinned, and a glimpse at another realm is revealed.  I am attempting to arrest my viewer with these abstract images, to give them a space where their thoughts can be suspended, thereby creating a void where another state of consciousness can emerge.  My work emerges from this space between thoughts, where words are silenced, and color, form, movement and subtle emotions speak.

My viewers often are curious about the original objects photographed.  But I rarely reveal how the image is created.  To me, it is irrelevant.  The photograph is about whatever is created in the viewer’s mind:  a memory, a place, a moment.  The image belongs to the viewer, and what I am presenting is a catalyst to facilitate their access to this space.

I use photographic art as a process of self-discovery.  I realize that when I am creating, I am expanding my vision into an internal universe.  I am hoping to give my viewer the opportunity to enter this universe through my work.